Senate Panel Supports 5.2% Federal Employee Pay Increase in 2024


The Senate Armed Services Committee supported the 5.2% President Biden recommended, similar to its support of the same rise for military workers, in the initial official vote in Congress about the 2024 federal employee hike.

According to a summary of the committee-passed annual DoD authorization bill, which is yet to be made public as a whole, the legislation “Provides for a 5.2% wage hike for both Military Servicemembers and the DoD Civilian Sector.” Annual increases have traditionally applied to all federal workers, even if that committee has no say in their decisions if they work for organizations other than the DoD.

The committee’s statement effectively supports “pay parity”—the practice of giving uniformed and federal employees equal raises—even if there were a few exemptions.

Although the description of the House parallel committee’s plan, which was also adopted this past week, does not mention a rise in government employees, it has supported 5.2% of military personnel.

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