SNAP benefits will begin to be distributed in these 3 states tomorrow


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will start paying 3 states tomorrow and continue doing so until mid-July.

Every month, on a similar day, beneficiaries often get their SNAP payments reloaded. The exact date depends on the beneficiary’s Social Security number, surname, case number, or bank account number. Every payment’s amount and its range of distributions vary by state.

Payments for food stamps will start to be made in Georgia, Indiana, and Utah tomorrow. Below is a list of the dates, maximum payouts, and percentage of the population that is eligible for food stamps.

From Wednesday till July 23, Georgia shall be issuing SNAP assistance payments to participants.

The Hoosier State provides SNAP payments from July 5 to July 23, like Georgia.

The only state that offers SNAP benefits on 3 different dates each month is Utah. The dates for payouts are July 5, July 11, and July 15.

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