SNAP Stamps Can Be Used At Selected Starbucks


Beneficiaries can use their SNAP stamps to purchase groceries at authorized stores. The SNAP stamps initially cannot be used at coffee shops such as Starbucks, but some locations may allow ETB cards to be used at those locations.

SNAP Stamps Can Be Used At Selected Starbucks
SNAP Stamps Can Be Used At Selected Starbucks (Photo: MoneyPantry)


The SNAP stamps allow low-income people to receive nutrition assistance through monthly benefits given by the government

One of the ways SNAP beneficiaries can purchase select items from a Starbucks through SNAP stamps is if the location is within a grocery store.

These in-store locations may allow beneficiaries to buy eligible items under SNAP stamps guidelines because they are licensed store that operates as part of the store. Another method to avail Starbucks with SNAP stamps is if the location joins the Restaurant Meals Program.

The Department of Agriculture defines the program as an option to allow SNAP beneficiaries who might not be able to prepare meals for themselves to be able to buy prepared meals with their SNAP stamps.

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If a Starbucks coffee shop is a participating location, SNAP stamps beneficiaries are allowed to purchase hot food there

These States are participating in the Restaurant Meals Program, Arizona, Maryland, California, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

For more information on these SNAP stamps programs, visit individual state websites.

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