Social Security at Age 62: 3 Good Reasons to Claim, and 1 Great Excuse to Waiting

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Some of the most significant retirement choices you’ll make will be when to start collecting Social Security; this choice will have an impact on your monthly earnings for the remaining years of your life.

You can apply for assistance as early as age 62, but you will receive larger payments for each month you wait (up to age 70). To receive the highest payouts possible, several experts suggest delaying filing claims for as much time as possible.

This does not imply that submitting earlier is always a poor choice, either. There are good reasons to think about filing at age 62 and one excellent reason to wait.

Social Security benefits are not required to start once you retire, but they frequently do.

You will have to depend on the savings you have and any additional sources of earnings up to the time you begin receiving benefits when you quit in your middle 60s but decide to postpone Social Security.

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