Social Security update: $4,873 in benefits for the 1st round of February are distributed today

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The first batch of retirees received the initial wave of the 3 Social Security payments for February on Wednesday. These payouts can total up to $4,873 for the top earners who retire at age 70.

The Social Security Administration’s calendar indicates that retiree seniors who were born on or between the first and tenth of their birth month must have gotten their payment on February 14. Pensioners born on or after the eleventh of the month will receive their benefits in one of two subsequent disbursements: on Wednesday, February 21, or on Wednesday, February 28 of the following week.

The maximum amount that each individual is eligible to receive depends on a variety of circumstances, including their age at retirement, the amount they spent into Social Security, and the length of time they contributed to the program.

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