State-Funded Accounts To Cover Private Schools Expenses: Iowa Parents Can Apply Now

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Starting May 31, Iowa parents with low income may apply to be qualified for Iowa-funded accounts to pay their child’s expenses for private school.

State-Funded Accounts To Cover Private School Expenses: Iowa Parents Can Apply Now
State-Funded Accounts To Cover Private Schools Expenses: Iowa Parents Can Apply Now (Photo: Radio Iowa)


Iowa parents can now apply online 

Governor  Reynolds of Iowa proposed and approved a state-funded account for low-income parents who enrolled their children in private schools. Iowa Governor assured every child has an education that fits their needs. An example is a hindrance to going to private school because of poverty.

Iowa Governor created Education Savings Accounts for parents with low income to apply. Approximately $7600 in state funds would be deposited in each account of qualified parents sending children to private schools.

In the third year, all Iowa parents would be qualified for state funds to pay private school tuition and other expenses.

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Applications for state-funded Education Savings Accounts will be filed online

The company based in New York will run the program to validate the income tax return eligibility of the taxpayer applicant. Odyssey CEO reminded that if a parent did not file a tax credit, the applicant must send documents that prove their state income. This will be the basis they can be qualified to apply for a state-funded account to pay private schools tuition.

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