Summer Rebates Offered in Hawaii to Boost Energy Efficiency

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The summer rebates cover a range of expenses, including the purchase and retrofitting of energy-efficient central air conditioning systems, solar water heaters, and even trade-ins for refrigerators.

Summer Rebates Offered in Hawaii
Summer Rebates Offered in Hawaii ( Photo: Rhode Island Monthly )

Hawaii has launched a series of summer rebates aimed at assisting residents in upgrading their home energy systems

The summer rebates are quite generous, with amounts varying from $1,000 for acquiring or retrofitting an energy-efficient central air conditioning system, down to a $25 coupon applicable to any new standard window air conditioner. Other summer rebates include $1,000 for installing a solar-powered water heater, $500 for non-solar powered new water heaters, $100 for a new whole-house fan, $75 for a solar attic fan, and $75 for an AC tune-up.

To apply for the rebates, potential recipients can find a comprehensive breakdown of available summer rebates and application procedures on the dedicated website.

Once the summer rebates are provided to participating providers, the discounts will be instantly applied. However, it is important to note that the rebates are limited in quantity and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, urging interested individuals to take prompt action.

Hawaii is just one of the states taking steps to provide energy relief to its residents

In Alaska, eligible taxpayers who have not yet received their 2022 Permanent Fund Dividend payment of $3,284 will be paid on July 17. This payment is derived from a portion of the state’s oil and gas revenues for the year.

Furthermore, various states, including Minnesota, are issuing tax rebates to their residents. The state lawmakers in Minnesota have recently given their approval to a legislation that offers summer rebates ranging from $260 to $1,300 to the majority of the state’s residents. Solo filers are eligible for $260, couples can claim $520, and couples with up to three dependents can receive $260 per dependent, resulting in a maximum total payment of $1,300. However, income requirements must be met, with solo filers needing to earn less than $75,000 and joint filers and families earning less than $150,000.

The bill has already been signed into law, and residents can anticipate receiving the summer rebates in the fall. For further updates on stimulus payments and social security news, The U.S. Sun provides a live blog to stay informed.


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