T-Mobile Faces Backlash Over Payment Method Changes for AutoPay Discount

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Despite these setbacks, the company is attempting to convince customers to adopt new payment methods to maintain their AutoPay discount.

T-Mobile Faces Backlash
T-Mobile Faces Backlash ( Photo: tmo.report )

T-Mobile, a popular wireless carrier, is facing a decline in customer satisfaction due to a series of unpopular changes and a history of data breaches

As reported by 9to5Google, T-Mobile has started sending SMS notifications, stating that customers must take action before July 25th. AutoPay is a service offered by T-Mobile that enables customers to automatically pay their bills. Currently, customers who utilize AutoPay save $5 on each line, with potential savings of up to $40 on eight lines, regardless of their chosen payment method.

Recent rumors suggested that T-Mobile would require customers to use their debit card or bank account to continue receiving the discount. The carrier is now informing customers that they must update their payment method by July 25th. Consequently, credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay will no longer be accepted for bill payments if customers wish to retain the $5 discount. However, those who are not concerned about the discount can continue using their preferred payment method.

Existing customers who utilize AutoPay have less than a month to update their payment information. Upon reviewing the T-Mobile website, it is evident that new customers who prefer credit cards or digital wallets are not eligible for the discount.

An online suggestion has emerged as a potential workaround for customers seeking to avoid this change

By setting their debit card or bank account as the designated payment method but paying the bill in advance using their preferred method, they may still benefit from the desired payment flexibility. However, the effectiveness of this trick remains uncertain.

Upon hearing the initial rumors, customers expressed understandable frustration, with some pledging never to provide T-Mobile with their banking information and others considering switching carriers if the changes were implemented. Given T-Mobile’s track record in safeguarding consumer data, the rumor caused significant outrage. T-Mobile has justified the decision by citing the reduction of high processing fees through the limitation of AutoPay discounts to debit cards and bank payments.


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