Tax Refund Update – Track Online with Ease!

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Effortless Refund Tracking for Idaho Taxpayers

Idaho Taxpayers: Track Your Refund Online Effortlessly

According to Bonner County DailyIdaho taxpayers can now track their tax refund online at This service provides the most recent information on their refund status. To use the service taxpayers only need to enter their Social Security number and the amount they expect to receive. Days after receiving confirmation from their e file provider that the Tax Commission has received their return. Paper filers should allow three weeks for their information to be manually entered into the Tax Commission database before tracking their refund. The Tax Commission will issue refunds only after conducting fraud detection reviews and accuracy checks. For e filers expect a refund in about seven to eight weeks after the Tax Commission acknowledges receipt of the return. For paper filers expect a refund in about 10-11 weeks.

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Tax Refund Update – Track Online with Ease! (PHOTO: Time)

Important Information for First-Time Filers: Additional Processing Time May Apply

First time filers should add three weeks to these estimates since it takes about that long to enter new filers into the system. If the Tax Commission requests more information the refund will be delayed and it will take an additional six weeks to process the refund. For more information visit in the Boise area. The deadline to file 2023 income taxes is Monday April 15.

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