Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sets Sights on Property Tax Elimination Amid Legislature Dispute


In a recent public appearance with the head of a conservative think tank, Abbott focused on the achievements of the recently concluded regular legislative session.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sets Sights on Property Tax Elimination
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sets Sights on Property Tax Elimination ( Photo: CBS Austin )

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has expressed his long-term goal of completely eliminating property taxes in the state

Although he refrained from taking a stance on the ongoing dispute between the House and Senate over property tax cuts, Abbott emphasized that funds had already been allocated for reducing property taxes and the next step was to determine how to implement the cuts.

Abbott subsequently called for a special session, urging lawmakers to address property tax cuts through school district tax rate compression. He also highlighted the need for increased criminal penalties related to border security. The Senate swiftly approved a plan that aligned with Abbott’s request, but it also included raising the homestead exemption to $100,000, which was not part of the governor’s original call for the special session. However, the House Speaker deemed the bill irrelevant to the session, effectively blocking its progress.

The House passed a bill solely focused on compression and adjourned the special session, leaving the Senate with no choice but to accept the House’s plan or no plan at all

Governor Abbott appeared to criticize the Senate, commending the House for passing a property tax cut bill that aligned with the special session’s purpose. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick retaliated by accusing Abbott of misunderstanding the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

While the Senate reconvened briefly and referred bills to committee, excluding the House tax cut bill, both chambers are expected to resume discussions. Abbott also revealed plans for multiple special sessions, with at least one aimed at school choice legislation. The governor emphasized the importance of addressing property taxes before moving on to other matters, indicating a potentially extended legislative period.


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