Thousands of Utah Residents Face Loss of Medicaid Coverage as Federal Policy Ends

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Thousands of Utah residents are facing the loss of their health insurance as a federal policy implemented during the pandemic, which prevented states from terminating Medicaid, comes to an end.

Utah Residents Face Loss of Medicaid Coverage
Utah Residents Face Loss of Medicaid Coverage ( Photo: The Salt Lake Tribune )

Utah has already begun removing individuals from its Medicaid program, with ongoing reviews scheduled over the next few months

The maximum income to qualify for Medicaid in Utah varies from $19,392 per year for individuals to $67,278 annually for families of eight. Preliminary data from the state reveals that most people are losing their health coverage due to procedural issues, primarily because the state has been unable to contact them. To prevent the loss of health insurance, the Utah Department of Workforce Services advises timely responses to review requests. Members should promptly complete any requested reviews mentioned in mailed notices, as failure to do so may result in Medicaid coverage termination. To check if their review date has passed, individuals can visit, where assigned review dates are displayed.

Maintaining up-to-date contact information is crucial. Members can verify their details by logging into myCase through their health plan, contacting the Department of Workforce Services at 1-866-435-7414, or reaching out to a health program representative at 1-866-608-9422.

Errors in sending notices to incorrect addresses have occurred, so individuals with a past review date and accurate contact information should contact a health program representative for assistance regarding the mailing error

Individuals awaiting their review date should monitor their mailbox closely. Those who have completed the review process and no longer qualify for Medicaid will have their information transferred to the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, where they can purchase a new health plan.

If individuals did not finish the review process but believe they are still eligible for Medicaid, they should utilize the provided resources to contact the state and provide the necessary information for re-enrollment. Medicaid coverage is retroactive for up to 90 days, potentially covering any incurred medical expenses after losing insurance.

For guidance on navigating insurance options and applications, individuals can seek assistance from the Take Care Utah program, operated by the Utah Health Policy Project.


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