Update on Social Security: House legislation aims to increase payouts for widows and widowers


Previously this month brought back the House plan that would increase widows’ and widowers’ Social Security payments by up to 25%.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) proposed the Protecting Our Widows and Widowers in Retirement Act on June 7. It will establish an alternate benefit equivalent to 75% of the total income that both partners earned while the beneficiary was living. The benefit will raise their anticipated income by an additional 25% for some Social Security beneficiaries, who experience a loss of 50% of their monthly earnings following the death of their partner.

“The loss of a partner is terrible, and for people who rely on Social Security, the additional financial burden of missing a major source of income might render an extremely stressful situation even extra troubling,” Sanchez stated in an announcement.

“The POWR Act will establish a substitute benefit, guaranteeing that widows and widowers can continue to pay their expenses.” To provide people who recently lost their loved ones with some safety and quiet of mind, I am happy to present this legislation.”

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