Update on Social Security: Reasons why you might receive 2 SSI payments in June

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Due to an error in the Social Security Administration’s timetable, beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Assistance will get 2 payments in June.

The rewards, totaling $914 for single filers and $1,371 for qualified couples, will be distributed on June 1 and June 30 respectively. Since July 1 comes on a holiday, the 2nd payment takes the position of the July check so that beneficiaries can still get their money by the initial day of the month.

As per the SSA, important individuals who reside with recipients of SSI benefits and give them the assistance they need also receive a $458 monthly benefit.

This year, SSI claimants are getting 2 checks in the following 4 months: March, June, September, and December. In April, July, October, or January 2024, they won’t receive checks. This is because, in April, July, and October, the initial day of the month occurs with a weekend or a holiday. Every year, January 1 is a break.

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