Update on the Stimulus Check: Tomorrow’s $1,000 Direct Payment would soon be issued


The Breathe program, which pays out to 1,000 members each month on the 15th, is scheduled to receive a $1,000 cash payment from Los Angeles County’s guaranteed income program.

Breathe is a guaranteed income initiative in Los Angeles that distributes payouts to 1,000 individuals each month. Beneficiaries get the funds each month for around 3 years.

On the fifteenth of every month, eligible beneficiaries receive their paychecks. Strength-Based Community Change in Los Angeles County, according to the Washington Examiner News.

The citizens of Los Angeles County are allowed to “breathe” more easily thanks to the program’s purpose, according to the county. One thousand beneficiaries were chosen at random from a group of qualified candidates.

Since the $1,000 direct payments are made via debit cards, beneficiaries in this program aren’t required to maintain a bank account to get them.

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