Update on the stimulus: Michigan will fund low-income small business owners $528 per month in one day

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The upcoming check for Ann Arbor, Michigan residents who applied to get $528 per month through a program for low-income entrepreneurs and small company owners will arrive in a day.

The University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions team chose one hundred participants to take part in Guaranteed Income to Grow Ann Arbor, a 2-year guaranteed income pilot initiative.

The Washington Examiner was informed this week by Kristin Seefeldt, associate director of Poverty Solutions, that payments will be disbursed on the fifteenth of each month, subject to the timing of weekends and holidays. The payments are scheduled to continue until 2025.

According to Seefeldt’s statement from the previous year, “This guaranteed income pilot refers to honoring residents who do a lot to improve our community yet are still trying to make ends meet.”

In 2023, the application procedure ended. Interested residents had to fulfill several conditions. Those that met the requirements had to be at least eighteen years old and Ann Arbor residents. The applicants’ earnings had to be at least 225% of the federal poverty threshold. Those classified as “entrepreneurs, owners of formal or informal small businesses, independent contractors, offer paid services informally, or gig workers” across a range of industries were eligible to apply for the funding.

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