Walmart Trash Bag Settlement: Reynolds’ $3 Million Payout Deadline Nears for Hefty and Great Value Recycling Bag Claims

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The renowned household brand, Reynolds, entered into the settlement in September following a class-action lawsuit alleging that Hefty and Great Value “recycling” bags, despite their labeling, were not recyclable.

Walmart Trash Bag Settlement
Walmart Trash Bag Settlement ( Photo: The US Sun )

Consumers who opted for Hefty or Walmart trash bags now face a looming deadline to claim their share of Reynolds’ recent $3 million settlement

Plaintiffs contended that Reynolds had deceived buyers into thinking these “recycling” bags were suitable for waste disposal facilities. Despite the company not admitting any wrongdoing, they agreed to a substantial settlement to address the concerns raised in the class-action lawsuit.

The Walmart trash bags in question are said to be ineligible for recycling in standard waste facilities, directly contradicting the impression given to consumers about their environmental benefits. Affected individuals can claim $2 for each purchased product, with a maximum limit of six products for those lacking proof of purchase. For those with valid proof, the potential claim increases to 25 products, accompanied by a $50 payment.

Consumers must have bought Hefty or Great Value recycling bags between July 20, 2018, and Aug. 30, 2023, and submit their claims by December 13 to ensure timely processing

For those providing proof of purchase, the receipt should detail the retailer’s name, the quantity purchased, the amount paid, and the payment method used. Claimants must adhere to truthfulness during the process, as false claims may lead to legal consequences under penalty of perjury.

Shoppers uncertain about their eligibility are encouraged to consult the Claim Administrator for guidance on their qualification status. As the deadline approaches, affected consumers are urged to promptly secure their rightful compensation from the Walmart trash bag settlement.


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