What you must know regarding a new plan to make monthly payments of $1,200, according to the stimulus check


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is in favor of an overall salary program that could provide people with $1,200 each month for 5 years.

The SUPPORT Act was one of the 2 measures that the representative from Minnesota identified as becoming financially advantageous to families. Based on Omar’s opinion piece in the Star Tribune, the plan is to send $600 per month for each child and $1,200 per month for each adult by local governments throughout 5 years. Omar claims that it will “offer a minimum wage for everybody.”

The author of the measure, Omar, stated that it “develops on strong income guarantee pilot initiatives we discovered in localities across the country, especially in Minneapolis and St. Paul.”

The End Child Poverty Act, which will substitute a universal child benefit for the child tax credit and the child portions of the tax credit for earnings, is the second idea Omar is in favor of.

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