Who Will Receive The March $1,312 Alaska Stimulus Check?

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When and how to apply for the Alaska stimulus check

The purpose of Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend is to give citizens of the state a portion of its wealth derived from its natural resources. The Alaska stimulus check, however, is not given to every resident; rather, it is restricted to those who fulfill specific qualifications.

The state is now providing stimulus checks to candidates for 2023. Individuals with a “Eligible-Not Paid” status received their 1st set of payouts on February 7.

The following Alaska stimulus check is scheduled to be distributed on March 21. The 2nd round of payments is now scheduled to be distributed in March to individuals who had a status of “Eligible-Not Paid” as of March 13.

Those having a “Eligible-Not Paid” status as of April 10 will get payout in the 3rd phase, which is scheduled for April.

Alaska is taking entries for the 2024 program in spite of the stimulus check. The program’s application period began previously this year, and the deadline is March 31st. The performance of the fund determines the annual stimulus check amount.

Individuals have the option of applying online or on paper. Although paper applications can be found at PFD offices and numerous distribution locations across the state, online applications are accessible on the PFD website.

The simplest method of applying to the program is through online filing. After submitting their application, applicants will receive a confirmation number. Candidates can visit myPFD to view the current status of their application.

It is crucial that candidates include their present address on the application. In order to alter their address, candidates who apply online must log into myPFD. Alternatively, they can utilize the Address Change Form and mail it to a single of the agency’s locations.

Qualifications for the Dividend from the Alaska Permanent Fund

A citizen of Alaska with plans to remain there permanently is required to be eligible for the 2024 Alaska stimulus check.

In addition, the candidate has to be living in the state for at least 72 hours in 2022 or 2023 and cannot have been out of the state for more than 180 days.

The applicant also needs to not be previously convicted of a felony or crime and not be claiming residency in any other state or nation.

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