Guaranteed Pilot Income Program in Prince George’s County

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Prince George’s County in Maryland has approved a pilot program for guaranteed monthly income, providing $500 per month for eligible low-income residents.

Guaranteed income pilot program
Guaranteed income pilot program in Prince George’s County. (Photo: CNET)

Pilot Income Program for Low-Income Residents

The funding of $4 million will cover 125 low-income residents for two years. The council will provide half of the funding, and the Greater Washington Community Foundation will provide the other $2 million, according to an article published in The U.S. Sun.

The pilot program is modeled after the successful Stockton, California pilot that helped reduce volatility among participants and helped them find full-time work. The eligibility criteria require an income below $46,034, and there are no strings attached to the payments.

Guaranteed Pilot Income Program in Prince George’s County

The Prince George’s County pilot program is yet to release details of eligibility, but it will be modeled after the successful Stockton pilot, which saw participants experience reduced volatility and find full-time work, The Washington Post reports.

It is currently unknown when applications will open and payments will start, and a news outlet reached out to Prince George’s County for comment. However, it is clear that guaranteed pilot income programs are becoming more common across the United States, with the aim of providing support for low-income households.

Other Guaranteed Pilot Programs

Several other guaranteed income pilots have been launched in different parts of the United States. The Local Sound Collaborative is running an initiative in Rochester, New York, providing $200 per month for those who are part of the local music community in the Greater Rochester area.

Two ongoing programs in California are also providing $500 in monthly support to eligible residents. One program is offering support to 80 Sacramento households, while the other is being run in El Monte, a suburb of Los Angeles, providing $500 to single female heads of households with no spouse or partner living within the city limits and with children up to the age of 17.

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