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How astrology affects gambling

How astrology affects gambling

One of the main features of gambling that attracts many players worldwide is the possibility of winning big even from a single bet. And what is more thrilling and exciting is that you never know when Lady Luck will smile at you, bringing a fantastic jackpot. However, astrological practices can hint at when the Universe favors you and how to take advantage of it. Our horoscope has been compiled to show how astrology affects gambling. Here you can find some predictions and how to boost your luck for each Zodiac sign in 2023.

Lucky number

The first thing you can do when entering the astrology forecasts world is to determine your happy number. The calculation algorithm is very straightforward: You just need to add all the date of birth digits and reduce them to a single number.

For example, your date of birth is 23/01/1999. So, do the following:

Thus your lucky number is seven.

Lucky numbers for every day and their meaning

Since you have figured out your happy number, you can determine lucky numbers for each day. This procedure is also simple. First, add the numbers of the chosen date until you achieve a single digit. Then get a sum of your lucky number and the digit received. Let us look closely at how it works:

So if you were born on the 23rd of January 1999, your lucky number for the 2nd of May 2023 is two.

The next step is to check the number interpretation.

New gambling horizons

Lucky days’ numbers determination is only a small part of what astrology offers gamblers. For instance, in horoscope forecasts, you can learn about lucky days for your zodiac sign in 2023 or find out which days of the week are more suitable for gambling. Furthermore, astrology will uncover the secrets of each color and how they can help in gambling. And dedicated astrology fans can build personal horoscopes that will include all the signs the Universe sends.

However, even the most detailed prediction based on stars and planets’ schedules and numerology can not guarantee 100% victory. It only boosts your winning odds, helping you to feel when you are most likely to succeed. Therefore do not blindly follow the horoscope advice trying to hit the jackpot. Instead, relax and enjoy a fantastic gambling journey filled with the thrilling magic of stars.

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