What Makes the Roy Siblings Consider Sandi’s Offer in Succession Season 4 Episode 2?


While the Roy family has always been portrayed as needy maniacs devoid of intimacy and personal autonomy in Succession, the fourth and final season’s growing theme is that they are all stupid as well.

The kids are, at least. And you can tell because, in last week’s premiere, they ultimately outsmarted their father by wildly overpaying for an acquisition of the Pierce media estate, but it’s still difficult to think they were able to win in any way.

For starters, they don’t appear to understand anything about news. What they do know is mostly that they detest it, which is something you’d think they would have realized before investing all of their resources in creating a network devoted to it. But the appeal of spite is tremendous. The Roy siblings are so resentful that their desire to harm their father drives every business move they make.

Succession Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Succession' Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: Roman Couldn't Resist

Why Do the Roy Siblings Consider Sandi S Offer?

They intend to sabotage the GoJo deal in rehearsal because of this. Waystar will soon be acquired by the business of Lukas Matsson. Sandi and Stewy aim to convince the youngsters to vote against the arrangement because they believe they can extract more money from Matsson by doing so (between this, Perry Mason, and Your Honor, Hope Davis has had quite the year). Logan’s anxiety about Matsson walking away if he feels pushed, it turns out, is justified.

The Roy siblings have no reason whatsoever to even contemplate this for a moment. They already overpaid for the Pierce acquisition, therefore they need the money from their Waystar shares to pay for it. Yet they are stupid, as stated before.

To be fair, a lot of neglect and emotional pain led to their foolishness, but idiocy is idiocy. Shiv is the first person to publicly consider the offer as she’s attempting to get a divorce attorney but Tom has already spoken with all the best in the city, creating a conflict of interest if they represent her. It’s a tactic directly out of Logan’s playbook, and she’s so furious about it that the chance to stab him in the back once more looks alluring.

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Shiv then starts attempting to convince the others. Kendall and Logan both agree that there isn’t any more money that can be securely taken from Matsson, and Roman doesn’t want any more conflict, but Logan’s general pettiness and the fact that he denied them access to Waystar’s helicopter further incensed them all against him. The agreement is still being discussed.

What S Going on With Willa?

Willa isn’t even present for the discussions at Connor’s wedding rehearsal since she said, “I can’t do this,” during a practice speech before leaving for a drink with her pals.

Willa continues to appear to be up to something, as I mentioned in my episode preview. Perhaps, she could just be having second thoughts as she prepares to wed this slightly pitiful and stupid man, but where is she going? And with whom?

The siblings give in to Connor’s requests to drink in a typical bar in an effort to cheer him up Shiv: The house red, can I dare? then perform karaoke. He spends the entire time spooky monitoring Willa’s phone and singing Leonard Cohen‘s Famous Blue Raincoat in an impersonal manner.

At some point during the celebrations, Matsson phones Kendall and expressly threatens to leave if they try to demand more money. This, in some way, drives Kendall to want more money.

You can see it’s all motivated by resentment because when Logan ultimately shows up after being informed by Connor—who isn’t on the Waystar board but is horrified at the prospect of losing his share value just as his wedding might not go ahead—they just intensify their efforts to harm him.

Logan s ostensibly personal appeal is ludicrous, clearly. His excuses mean nothing. His justifications are those of a man who has no concept of how people think or feel, and they serve as a conclusion to his lecture from last week in which he described his view of individuals as economic units in volatile markets.

But in one respect, he is correct. His children are genuinely dope. They are also not very serious individuals.

What Happens with Kerry S Audition Tape?

Succession Season 4 Episode 2 Recap - Why do the Roy siblings consider  Sandi's offer?

The ATN newsroom, where Logan spends the majority of the hour looking for people to torment in the absence of his children, is the source of all the best lines in Rehearsal. He delivers a passionate, violent speech about slashing the rivals’ throats before forcing Tom and Kerry into a really embarrassing predicament.

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It turns out that Kerry has submitted an audition tape for the position of ATN anchor. She is awful. Logan is aware of this, but also realizes that Tom is too sycophantic to call it out. As a result, the situation drags on for much too long, giving Kerry actual airtime (much to the enjoyment of the siblings elsewhere). When Greg is given the task of rejecting her application after Logan finally realizes he wants Tom to do so on his behalf, Greg horribly botches it up (describing it as more difficult and crucial than ending the Israel-Palestine issue).

To be honest, Kerry doesn’t come across well in this conversation, but she also understands what it’s like to be gently let down by Cousin Greg, of all people, especially when he claims that a fictitious focus group decided for him. Although she makes a threat to dismantle him like a piece of human string cheese, it is still very obvious that she is a poor news anchor.

Succession Season 4 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Succession' Season 4 Review: Outstanding Performances and Satisfying Story

After a hard night of rehearsal, the several siblings go about their individual depressing little lives. Inevitably to his own peril, Kendall grins to himself as he once again outwits his father. When Shiv gets home, it’s deserted. As Connor returns home, Willa is already in bed, despite it appears that she is aware of and confident in the fact that she does not love him and that their upcoming wedding is a lavishly funded fake.

It is clear why Roman visits Logan. He already shied away from squabbles. He must be aware that, in some way, his siblings cannot outwit their father. Logan extends Roman an offer of a leadership position at ATN and an invitation to personally see Matsson because he is aware that Roman is aware of this. Logan has located a weak place and is about to begin cutting into it.

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