Germany receives the first Covid vaccination side effect lawsuits

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Over 2 years following one of the world’s quickest and most widespread immunization campaigns, vaccine manufacturer BioNTech filed its first legal action in its native Germany on Monday about alleged side effects reported by certain consumers of its Covid immunizations.

The introduction of Covid vaccinations had been universally regarded as a life-saver in the wake of the terrible pandemic that developed in early 2020, which forced border restrictions and shutdowns that kept millions of citizens in their houses.

But the vaccinations, which were created quickly and given early authorization for use, are currently the subject of legal proceedings in several nations, such as France and Britain, where plaintiffs claim that the immunizations damaged their well-being.

A court in Hamburg, Germany, was set to decide an appeal against BioNTech, which created the first mRNA vaccine Comirnaty along with US pharma giant Pfizer.

Yet, the trial was postponed after the claimant’s attorneys filed a last-minute objection to the judge’s objectivity and requested that a group of judges consider the matter instead.

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