How Common Food Allergy Reaction Increases Risk Of Severe Heart-Related Diseases And Cardiovascular Deaths

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How does a common food allergy reaction increase the risk of severe heart-related diseases and cardiovascular deaths?

Food Allergy Reaction
How does a common food allergy reaction increase the risk of severe heart-related diseases and cardiovascular deaths? (Photo: Chacko)

Experiencing Food Allergy Reaction Can Increase Risk of Severe Heart-Related Diseases and Cardiovascular Deaths

Experiencing a food allergy reaction often can reportedly increase the risk of having severe heart-related diseases and the rising cases of cardiovascular deaths as the food allergy reaction sometimes causes inflammation, which can lead to severe diseases, including heart diseases.

According to a report published in US News, a food allergy reaction was linked to heart diseases and related deaths after researchers revealed that aside from the skin cells that are commonly triggered by a food allergy reaction, there are cells found in the heart that are also affected following a series of responses.

Due to the increasing risk of a food allergy reaction, health experts advise individuals with food allergies to avoid consuming dairy food, seafood, and other foods people are commonly allergic, which can later increase the already high risk of severe heart disease or, worse, cardiovascular death as the negative impacts of a food allergy reaction continue.

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Ongoing Research Continues to Study the Linkage Between Food Allergy Reaction and Heart Diseases

While other people have a visible food allergy reaction, others have silent reactions, which may be more threatening over time; however, as long as individuals avoid consuming too much of food that commonly causes allergies, UVAToday reported.

With the increasing cases of heart-related diseases and deaths after suffering from a food allergy reaction, researchers continued to learn more about the food allergy reaction’s effect on heart health, which could later help patients reduce their risks.

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