Low Income Patients Urge Administration To Fix Broken Medicare System Following High Healthcare Costs

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Low income patients urged the administration to fix the broken Medicare system following high healthcare costs.

High Healthcare Costs
Low income patients urged the administration to fix the broken Medicare system following high healthcare costs. (Photo: Reuters)

Low Income Patients Continue Struggling with Broken Medicare System and High Healthcare Costs

With the broken Medicare system and high healthcare costs across the country, low income patients continue struggling to afford healthcare services, leading to low income patients urging the administration to fix the already broken healthcare system to provide better services and treatment for patients.

According to a report published in The Washington Times, low income patients were not getting the healthcare services they needed due to high healthcare costs as health programs provided to low income patients were insufficient to cater to all their health needs.

Due to high healthcare costs amidst increasing cost of living, low income patients were left thinking of where to get money to pay their hospital bills rather than getting enough rest, which was a long overdue embarrassment for the country as it did not guarantee better healthcare for low income patients.

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Alternative Approaches and New Bills Pushed to Provide Better Healthcare Services for Low Income Patients Across the Country

While low income patients urged the administration to help them, some senators are pushing alternative approaches and new bills to provide better healthcare services, including Medicare for All and implementing rate controls for prescription drugs.

However, if the administration continues to neglect the healthcare sector and fails to give better services to low income patients, several patients will suffer more with increasing healthcare costs, CNBC reported.

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