Ohio Mom Charged with Theft by Deception for Faking Daughter’s Cancer Diagnosis

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In a shocking case of deceit and betrayal, a 41-year-old Ohio mom, Pamela Reed, has been charged with theft by deception after allegedly fabricating her 7-year-old daughter’s leukemia diagnosis for years. The Noble County Sheriff’s Office uncovered the elaborate scheme, revealing that Reed went to great lengths, including shaving her daughter’s head, to maintain the illusion of a severe illness.

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The Elaborate Deception

Authorities reported that Reed publicly portrayed her daughter’s health, using the fabricated cancer diagnosis to solicit funds from local organizations. The mother admitted that she “liked the support” generated by the fake cancer scheme. Several local entities, moved by compassion, initiated fundraising efforts, with one organization contributing a substantial $8,000 to the family.

To perpetuate the deception, Reed maintained a Facebook page named “Our ‘Rae’ of Sunshine – Team Addey Rae.” On this page, she regularly posted updates about her daughter’s supposed cancer treatment. The page, garnering over 1,000 likes, became a platform for well-wishers and supporters. Reed even organized a “hog roast benefit for Addey Reed” in October 2023 to raise funds for the fabricated medical expenses.

The elaborate facade collapsed when, on January 8, 2024, Reed was arrested following an investigation by local police and Noble County Children’s Services. A tip received by authorities led to the revelation that Reed’s daughter had not been diagnosed or treated for cancer or leukemia. The sheriff’s office confirmed that Reed’s daughter did not have cancer after verifying the information with the child’s medical provider.

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Admission of Guilt

During police questioning, Reed admitted to exaggerating and fabricating medical conditions to secure monetary donations. She confessed to shaving her daughter’s head to perpetuate the fake diagnosis and even obtaining unnecessary seizure medication. As a result, Reed faces charges of theft by deception, a fourth-degree felony. Noble County Court Judge Jennifer Arnold set her bond at $50,000.

In a joint statement, Sheriff Jason Mackie and Misty Wells, the Director of the Department of Job and Family Services, highlighted the complexity of child abuse and neglect cases. They commended the swift collaborative efforts of law enforcement and Children’s Services, emphasizing the importance of reporting suspicions in the community.

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