People are in a different COVID wave right now. But it differs from the rest of them

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Every Omicron wave that has hit Australia thus far has stood out for different reasons: the summer phase of 2022–23 had an unclear variation mix, an odd increase, and drop of BA.1, broad distribution across families and kids in BA.2, an increase towards greater illnesses in older adults with BA.5, and an extensive spread of BA.2.

Australia is currently experiencing the 5th Omicron wave, which began to develop in February. However, because of how slowly it grew, many individuals might not have realized it till the past few weeks.

We anticipate the virus will spread less quickly among the population because the majority of persons in Australia have already either received the COVID vaccine, have been infected, or have both.

It also means that compared to past waves, there should be fewer infections generally in the present one. Additionally, infections tend to spread out over time.

Yet we additionally understand that more interaction and socialization than in past waves is taking place. Viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which triggers COVID) can spread more easily as a result.

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