Virus expert: Japan might have experienced the 9th COVID-19 wave


As per a specialist who worked as the government’s senior coronavirus consultant, Japan might have reached its 9th wave of COVID-19 illnesses. This expert underlined the significance of shielding vulnerable old people from sickness on Monday.

“A 9th wave might have begun,” Shigeru Omi said to the media after a conversation with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to talk about the current spike in diseases nationwide following the government’s easing of defensive measures, such as reducing the disease’s legal classification to that of flu season in May.

In some ways, the spike in infections is predicted given that individuals are interacting with each other more frequently, according to Omi.

He emphasized the importance of vaccination for those who are at greater risk of experiencing serious symptoms.

I’m not sure if the number of sick persons will exceed that of the ninth wave, but we need to focus on lowering the death toll and maintaining social interactions.

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