Will Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Be a Disability

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Tinnitus and loss of hearing can be modest to extreme. Tinnitus and mild hearing loss were probably to be considered disabilities if they make it impossible for you to work.

Having tinnitus and hearing loss might make it challenging to carry out daily duties. Your hearing loss can be considered a disability when it makes it difficult for you to perform daily responsibilities like a job.

The precise meaning of a disability varies depending on the organization you wish to work for and the state you reside in, yet in general, minor hearing damage does not meet the criteria.

Yet it probably fits the description if your hearing loss and tinnitus stop you from functioning.

The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age. People frequently notice that regular sounds become affected and muted over time.

The absence of good hearing is frequently associated with tinnitus, which is an ear-ringing and humming sensation. Not every individual who has tinnitus also has hearing loss, whereas not all who have tinnitus also have hearing loss. However, these 2 hearing issues frequently overlap.

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