1 Killed And 6 Injured After A Man Open Fires Inside A Restaurant in Mississippi

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During The Mississippi Cinco De Mayo Party Late Friday, Shots Were Fired Inside A Restaurant That Injured 6 And Killed 1, Identified As Chase Harmon From Moss Point. Shooter was unidentified as he fled to unknown direction.


open fire
1 Killed And 6 Injured After A Man Open Fires Inside A Restaurant in Mississippi (Photo: Forbes)


Madman Randomly Shots People in a Restaurant

At about 10:15pm, Friday night, a 19-year-old boy was killed when a man randomly shot fires inside a restaurant in Government Street, Mississippi. 6 others were injured and brought to the hospital for medication.

Ocean Springs Police Capt. Ryan LeMaire  said that several of the victims were released after treated, and some were in for surgery. Investigation is still on going and police are looking through the CCTV footage. One man was seen but its identity was not yet profiled but considered as suspect.


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Police urge everyone that if they have seen suspicious person report it immediately to Ocean Springs Police Department.


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