A Man Was Killed By A Sword-Wielding Attacker In A Demonic Way.

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The Resident Of Oak Crest Towers Apartments In Prince George’s County Said He Witnessed An Attacker That Killed A Man And Called It ‘Demonic’. He Said He Saw How The Sword-Wielding Assailant Gruesomely Killed The Man In The Elevator As He Was Living Next Door.


A Man Was Killed By A Sword-Wielding Attacker In A Demonic Way. (Photo: New York Post)


Demonic Killing Felt by Witness.

Witness say that he saw the man in the elevator brutally killed by a sword-wielding assailant, on Friday night and called it demonic. The resident who is living next to the elevator said he saw the attacker stabbed the victim in the eyes, he further said he was there when the crime is taking place. He said that when he came to the door the attacker kept saying “he’s Moving” and there was a force that’s not like ours, and he walked out the back door and called the police.

The police said that both knew each other and the murder is not random. Police immediately arrested the suspect but the identity was not disclosed. Same event happened in California where the attacker cut off a man’s hand.


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