Ex-Altar Boy Settles With MA Diocese Who Is Allegedly A Victim Of Rape By A Long Deceased Bishop

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An Ex-Altar Boy Filed A Lawsuit Against A Bishop Allegedly He Was Raped In The 1960s, He Was Also Sexually Abused By A Two Clergy But Also The Church Covered It Up To Maintain The Reputation Of The Bishop And His Legacy.


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Ex-Altar Boy Settles With MA Diocese Who Is Allegedly A Victim Of Rape By A Long Deceased Bishop (Photo: The Berkshire Eagle)


Church Hiding its Scandalous deeds.

A lawsuit was filed an ex-altar boy identified as John Doe in February 2021, he claims that he was a victim of rape a now long deceased bishop way back in the 1960s when he was a child. Even the claim of Doe is credible the church denied them in 2019. Bishop William Byrne said that any public statement made in behalf of the diocese is withdrawn and apologized to Mr. Doe for any harm done made by the statement. A settlement was then agreed but the terms of it was not disclosed.

The abused occurred in St. Anne Parish in Chicopee, Massachusetts when the then Bishop Christopher Weldon served in 1950 to 1977. Before a lawsuit was even filed there was claims that Weldon was abusing children and credible statements were made, but due to his prominence and revered legacy it was not pursued. Nancy Frankel Pelletier said that the church failed to acknowledge the allegations and protest and denied accepting responsibility.


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Bishop Byrne complimented the plaintiff for coming forward an assured that they will give better response to abuse and will not tolerate concealing and hiding anyone from reporting an abuse. Pelletier said that she hopes that the bishop will be true to his words. The church fought the allegation by charitable immunity and the doctrine of church autonomy but the Supreme Court overruled and sided with the plaintiff.


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