Indiana Police Discovered 48 Bodies And Funeral Director Plead Guilty

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31 Corpses And 17 Sets Of Cremated Remains Were Found On Funeral Director’s Premises As He Pleads Guilty To Theft For Failing To Properly Dispose Of The Bodies. He Is Sentence To 12 Years In Prison And Financial Penalties To The Families Of The Dead Bodies.


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Indiana Police Discovered 48 Bodies And Funeral Director Plead Guilty (Photo: CTV News)

Funeral Home Faces Charges

Funeral Director was arrested after discarding the corpses that he hid in his premises. a total of 31 dead bodies and 17 sets of cremated remains were found. He was charged of theft and Failure to dispose the dead bodies properly which is clearly a violation of sanitary law. Randy Lankford pleaded guilty to over 40 counts of theft and failure to do his responsibility as the funeral director. Lankford may face up to 12 years in prison and financial penalties to the family affected.

The facility was investigated in June 2022 for foul odor spreading in the nearby building. Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center were found to have discarded the dead bodies; dozens were unrefrigerated. Lankford surrendered his facility and its license. The funeral home’s air conditioning also cut off thus the more spreading of odor in the nearby area, and some were there for an extensive amount of time.

Most of the bodies were in the advance stage of decomposition. Lankford also lied repeatedly to the families that they were cremated or in proper condition. They even gave fake ashes to one of the families where in fact the body is still in the premises.


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