Law & Order Season 22 Episode 17 Preview: Bias

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On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 17, Bias, human bias affects even the wheels of justice. particularly when one of their own is involved in a prominent case.

Investigating the murder of a coworker is difficult enough. When Price, a friend, and fellow lawman, is spotted at the crime scene, the assignment becomes even more challenging.

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To get at the truth, Cosgrove and Shaw must sort through evidence that casts their friend in a negative light. Price’s refusal to separate himself from the situation just makes things worse.

The barriers enclosing Price’s outwardly solid demeanor have been eroded as Season 22 has gone on. Will he finally lose it in this case?

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For a preview, look at the images and promotional video below!

Cosgrove and Shaw are shocked to see Price at the crime scene after a public defender is killed; his participation in the trial jeopardizes the prosecution’s case.

What are your expectations for this Law & Order episode? Comment below with your ideas, and be sure to read our review of Law & Order Season 22 Episode 16, Deadline, right here.

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