Man In Detroit Plead Guilty After Torturing Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog While Filming.

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Julius Holley, Pleaded Guilty To Animal Cruelty And Torture, And Rosed To 4thd Degree Of Being A Habitual Offender. Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison And Deprived Of Owning Any Animal And Human Contact.


animal cruelty
Man In Detroit Plead Guilty After Torturing Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog While Filming. (Photo: The Conversation)


Animal Cruelty is Punishable by Law

Sentenced to 15 years in prison after filming himself while torturing ex-girlfriends’ dog and sent the videos to her. John Holley, 56 plead guilty for animal abuse and recidivism, he is prohibited to own any animal and deprived of contact to human victims, He is due in June 12. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that last October Holley broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and stole some of her belongings, including the dog and destroyed her house.

Holley was batting the dog and maltreating it while on video and sent it to his ex. Until the dog was abandoned inside a bucket next to a house fortunately it was rescued to avoid aother abuse and still alive. He then fled after he was sentenced but he was deported from Ohio in 2022 and in police custody, his trial will be on December.


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Torturing a dog or any animal is considered abuse not only to the animal but also to the owner who loves them, it is considered as domestic abuse and punishable under the law with 10 years of incarceration. Nessel further stated that Holley has several history of domestic violence and and sexual abuse to many women way back 1992. Michigan Humane provides shelter for those owners who needs a temporary home for their pets.


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