Meth, Opiods And Pipes To Smoke Given Freely In LA County

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The Government In Los Angeles County Is Distributing Pipes  To Smoke, Methampethamine And Opiods Which To Prevent Overdosing With The Drugs, That Also Includes Supplies That Would Reduce Or Reverse The Effects Of The Drug.


Meth, Opiods And Pipes To Smoke Given Freely In LA County (Photo: WPMI)


Free Pipes For All.

Los Angeles County Government distributed cracks to reduce drug overdosing of users. It included clean needles and other supplies as part of the county’s ‘harm reduction’ effort. the other supplies where to be used in order to avoid overdose and reversing the effect of the drugs.

However, efforts were opposed by some community leaders, Manuel Campito, a recovered addict said that these efforts only assist people to commit suicide. Although Harm Reduction Advocates also support the distribution as these can prevent spreading of AIDS and Hepatitis as users will not use other people’s kit because they have their own.


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The Harm Reduction budget was increased from $5.4 million to $31.5 million as they have observed countless deaths to homeless people who overdosed from drug in 202 to 2021. The program was launched by Biden Administration as the first federal harm reduction initiative, which gave funds for smoking kits. Access to these pipes are much safer than injecting the drugs.


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