Rape Spree In Boston Represents New Type Of Criminal Through DNA: New Jersey Attorney

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An Attorney Involved In Several Rapes From 16 Years Ago Was Branded As The ‘New Type Of Criminal’ Where One Can Be Violent And Do Something Horrible But However Can Live Normally Like Normal People And Have A Family, Be An Active Member Of Society.


matthew nilo
Rape Spree In Boston Represents Ne Type Of Criminal Through DNA: New Jersey Attorney (Photo: New York Post)

Genetic genealogy, a way to help ease investigation.

A ‘new type of criminal’ suspect emerging through the help of advances of DNA technology and genetic genealogy. Where one can be violent and do horrible things but can live a life like a normal person, have a family, be active in the community and career oriented. Matthew Nilo was arrested by using genetic genealogy, he was a  New Jersey attorney and charged in the rape incidents that happened in Boston 16 years ago at the terminal area in Charlestown in 2007 and 2008.

Cece Moore, a genetic genealogist, described the method as an unbiased tool because as it does not based on the criminal background of a person rather it’s all science. Recently, Nilo posted in Facebook that he proposed to his girlfriend. He graduated with bachelors in psychology at the University Wisconsin-Madison.


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He worked as paralegal for two years before proceeding into law school. He worked in Clyde & Co. law firm in San Francisco and in New York as shown in hi LinkedIn profile. Moore said that genetic genealogy is a fantastic illustration that helps investigation.

Nilo was able to stay off the grid, made a life like normal people, became an upstanding member of society and would very likely not be caught if still using the traditional approach in investigation because he is typically not the type of person that would be suspected to commit this kind of crime.


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