7 TV Shows Like Kaleidoscope You Must Watch

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We go through 7 must-watch TV shows similar to Kaleidoscope. Add the shows on this list to your watch list and keep it close at hand.

The Netflix original series Kaleidoscope appears to be a crime drama involving a band of outlaws before and after a major theft. This particular programme is non-linear, offering viewers the flexibility to view the episodes in whatever order they see suitable. Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, and Tati Gabrielle’s performances, together with the cute little gag, assured the success of the show.

Following your enjoyment of the tale after watching all 8 episodes, here are some interesting programmes that might catch your attention (even if they do mostly follow standard linear storytelling).

7 Tv Shows Like Kaleidoscope You Must Watch

Money Heist (2017 2021)

Lex Pina is the author of the acclaimed Spanish crime drama Money Heist. This action-packed series, like Kaleidoscope, follows a crew of thieves as they seek to pull off the largest theft Madrid has ever seen.

Good Girls (2018 2021)

The main protagonists of Good Girls aren’t career criminals with a unique set of talents, in contrast to Kaleidoscope. Instead, they are suburban moms from the lower middle class who are fed up with struggling to make ends meet. The three decide that robbing the grocery where one of them works is the best option because they feel they have no other choice. The series ran for four seasons on Netflix before being cancelled, and featured standout performances from Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman.

Mr. Robot (2015 2019)

The Emmy-winning programme

Lupin (2021 )

In Mr. Robot, Rami Malek plays a vigilante hacker who joins a plan to erase all debt after being recruited by hacktivists. After its initial release, critics and viewers applauded it for its realistic depiction of technology and convoluted plot. The series tackles the criminal aspect of cyberspace and poses some interesting concerns, despite not precisely being what we’d call a heist drama.

Snatch (2017-2018)

A clever thief determined to exact revenge on the person who falsely accused his father of stealing is the subject of the French thriller Lupin. This compelling series is available on Netflix for viewing in both seasons, and you can be secure knowing that the streaming behemoth recently ordered a third.

Sky Rojo (2021 2023)

Unofficial remake of the same-named films

The Endgame (2022 )

Assaulting Guy Ritchie, Snatch follows a gang of burglars as they make off with literally a truckload of gold. The trio, who is now completely out of their element, must figure out how to relocate their loot while avoiding the powerful criminal gang they stole from. Even if the show didn’t have the best reviews from fans, it’s still entertaining to watch if you enjoy a little comedy in your crime dramas.

Sky Rojo, the second Lex Pina television series to make this list, follows three victims of human trafficking who are on the run from their pimp and his goons. The show does portray a group of individuals involved in the criminal underworld and their desire to do whatever it takes for the chance at a better life, even though its primary focus isn’t theft (although it does feature a heist-type subplot).

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