Best Korean Dramas of 2023

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As we list the Top Korean Dramas of 2023, keep this page close at hand. To keep you informed, we’ll update this 2023 k-drama list frequently.

How does one determine what Korean dramas are “best” at? official scores? viewing figures? Awards?

We chose dramas for this list of the Best Korean Dramas of 2023 based on their ability to keep your interest throughout without requiring you to fast-forward or skip around, as well as their strong technical elements. No easy task, for sure!

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of our friends from MyDramaList and AsiaWiki in compiling the following list of the top k-dramas from the year 2023 for your viewing pleasure. Check out our article on the best Korean dramas of all time for a more comprehensive list, or our feature on the highest rated Korean dramas according to Nielsen ratings for a more focused list.

Best Korean Dramas of 2023

Alchemy of Souls Season 2

Action, historical romance, fantasy, and romance

December 10, 2022 to January 8, 2023


Viewing locations: Netflix

Summary: Three years after his death, Jang Uk makes a comeback, and the wizards’ tale is retold. When a young woman who is imprisoned in her own home asks Jang Uk for assistance in regaining her freedom, Jang Uk turns into a hunter of the soul-shifters.

What makes it worth watching: The fantasy epic Alchemy of Souls Season 2, which followed up on Part 1 that aired earlier in 2022, is the first k-drama of 2023 to be included on this list of the best of. Around 30 episodes made up the full epic, which had the intriguing concept of two entirely distinct female leads for each chapter. (Because the plot featured soul reincarnation, each female protagonist had to have a distinctly different appearance.)

This drama creates a big, intricate world filled with colourful characters, levels of complex mystical events, and an amazing One True Pairing. And what about the change in the roles of the two female leads? Flawless. A drama of this size with such few problems is an incredible accomplishment. However, with 30 episodes, certain episodes are destined to feel a little monotonous, as is the case here towards the conclusion.

Unlock My Boss


December 7, 2022 through January 12, 2023


Where to watch: Viki and Netflix

Kim Sun-Joo is a developer who also serves as the company’s founder and CEO. He is one day being pursued by someone who is attempting to kill him without knowing why. That person stabs him, and as he feels his death approaching, he feels his spirit being drawn into his smartphone. The smartphone then becomes imprisoned in his spirit.

Park In-Sung (Chae Jong-Hyeop) is a hardworking young man from a low-income household. He finds an unusual smartphone one day when he is collecting mushrooms on a mountain to generate money. The stuck spirit of Kim Sun-Joo is on the smartphone.

Why is it entertaining to watch: A grown guy gets stuck in a cell phone? With such a bizarre scenario, this drama could either spiral out of control or be a fun time for campers. Thankfully, the latter is the case with Unlock My Boss.

There is no difficulty in believing that these things are happening in this drama because everyone involved buys into the notion. Yet as is typical of these dramas, the humour is very well-developed. A lot of k-entertainment meta is expected.

The pleasantly unexpected aspect of this is how nice it is and how close to the characters the audience will grow. The male lead, Chae Jong-Hyeop, too gets more endearing as the drama goes on. The programme also addresses the moral ramifications of AI in our daily lives. With all of its moving elements, the webtoon-inspired television series packs a lot of complexity.

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The Interest of Love

Genre: Melodrama, Slice of Life, and Romance

December 21, 2022 through February 9, 2023


Viewing locations: Netflix

A realistic love story involving four persons who all met at the KCU Bank branch in Youngpo.

What makes movie worth watching: What begins as an office romance starring our four leads develops into an analysis of social class, financial status, and emotional pain.

The Interest of Loveis a carefully told story that overlays the thoughts and deeds of the characters to create a rich backdrop for more significant topics to be explored and give the bank setting a genuine feel. The majority of the characters will likely not be liked at first, but as their viewpoints are revealed, you will come to care more about them.



December 19, 2022, through February 14, 2023


Viewing locations: Netflix

Kim Hye-Joo and Nam Joong-Do are a married pair in the story. A member of the National Assembly with a passion for improving the world is Nam Joong-Do. His wife, Kim Hye-Joo, owns a business that fixes books. She conceals information that not even Nam Joong-Do is aware of. This situation causes Kim Hye-secret Joo’s to be revealed.

Why it’s worth watching:

Who would have imagined that seeing a narrative about a middle-aged, middle-class couple who are happily married would be so tense? This feat and many more are accomplished by the performance without the use of overbearing emotional theatrics, loud background music, or astounding, unexpected turns of events. Nonetheless, the revelations seem so enormous, probably as a result of the skilled direction.

The name of the show, Trolley, is derived from the philosophical dilemma in which a person must decide whether to flip the level for the tracks on the metaphorical runaway trolley in order to save one person or five.

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Love to Hate You

Due to the abundance of red herrings, viewers will have to spend a lot of time figuring out who each of the characters in this trolley scenario are in addition to repeatedly having their beliefs disproved. The spectator may occasionally think certain episodes are boring, but after watching later episodes, they will realise how much those particular episodes had revealed. The reward for the anxiety-inducing watch is the morally and emotionally rewarding conclusion.


10 February 2023


Viewing locations: Netflix

Synopsis of the plot: Yeo Mi-Ran is a young lawyer at Gilmu Law Firm, which focuses on the entertainment sector. She has no interest in dating men and despises falling short in any competition to a male.

One of the best actors in the entertainment business is Nam Gang-Ho. He is the most well-liked actor in South Korea because of his good looks, intellect, and warmth. Despite being in high demand to appear in romance films, he doesn’t trust women.

Yeo Mi-Ran and Nam Gang-Ho get involved in a love conflict despite not believing in love.

What makes it worth watching: It’s unusual to find a k-drama romcom that has grown adults acting their age or that doesn’t include additional components like the met-as-children cliche, a murder mystery, etc.

A bright, bubbly addition to the romcom genre is Love to Hate You. With a lot of help from the chemistry between its major stars, this enemies-to-lovers premise manages to stay fun throughout. Several levels of success are achieved while addressing the issue of patriarchy. The drama’s Valentine’s Day weekend premiere helped it achieve high ratings. It remained in the Netflix Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) lists for two weeks.

The list of the Top Korean Dramas of 2023 is now complete. Please check back frequently because this list will be updated every two months.

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