Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix in 2023

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Greatest Science Fiction Films to Stream on Netflix in 2023 first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

Save this page as we celebrate and compile a list of the top science fiction films available on Netflix in 2023.

Sci-fi movies have a way of transporting viewers far from their own reality and into the fictional universe that the filmmakers have built. On Netflix, there are sci-fi movies with compelling original stories that stir the emotions and inspire the minds of the audience. The movies in this list are some of the best sci-fi films available on Netflix, whether they deal with time travel, space exploration, or a futuristic civilization. The films below are ranked from lowest to highest using IMDb’s rating scale to provide the most accurate evaluation. Check out our Greatest Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Of All Time for a longer list if you’d prefer.

Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix in 2023

Jung_E (2023)

In this science fiction thriller, humans have fled from Earth, which has been severely damaged by global warming. People striving to create a new type of machine with artificial intelligence clone the brain of famed mercenary Yun Jung-yi in an effort to save the world. It’s fascinating to observe how far technology has come in order to be as plausible as this movie over time. The developments in artificial intelligence (A.I.) can be rather alarming because there is no way to control it once it has been created. The risk is far higher, as we’ve seen in prior movies.

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Official Premise: As a severe climatic change decimates Earth, humanity migrates to new homes in space. Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) becomes a famed mercenary and military strategist with numerous triumphs to her credit as the civil war that happens there lasts for decades. Yun Seo-hyun (Kang Soo-youn), the daughter of Jung-ui, took part in this endeavour 35 years later as the project’s lead researcher.

The Greatest Science Fiction Films on Netflix in 2023 are now complete. This list will be updated periodically during the year.

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