Best TV Shows of 2023 (March Update)

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Want to stay up to date with the most popular and possibly the best TV shows that will debut or return in 2023? The list you need is this one.

A lot of television. Even if it’s a typical complaint these days, we all find ourselves compelled to watch when our old favourites come back or when something brand-new that might catch our eye debuts. Since it seems like it has been forever, television has been in its golden age. We all have our favourite shows that we believe best exemplify what is airing on our preferred streaming services or debuting on traditional television channels and broadcasters.

Trying to decide what is or isn’t worth our attention might feel almost overwhelming. In light of this, this list will make an effort to determine the finest shows to watch as they become available this year. Just to be clear, this will be somewhat subjective and personal, but it will be an attempt to give a thorough overview of the televisual environment in 2023 and to identify the programmes that truly stand out from the plethora of programmes fighting for our attention.

Best and Highest Rated TV Shows of 2023

Crash Course in Romance

In South Korea, the fields of math and tutoring are very important. Crash Course in Romance’s portrayal of math tutoring has a grandiose feel to it thanks to its masterful use of K-dramatic clichés and tropes.

There are some dark drama moments dotted along with long-forgotten dreams and the spectre of loss and bereavement of its older lead characters, which corresponds with that of its younger cast of players and their own hopes for what lies ahead in the future. This is a good-natured and humorous series, so you can’t help but get swept along with the romantic entanglements and comedic set-ups.

The series is a softly hilarious one where being a great teacher has to go along with trademarked high kicks, a social media presence, and effective advertising campaigns. It is a surprisingly potent investigation of education and even socioeconomic class. Math is made by pride.

Cast includes Lee Bong-ryun, Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho, Roh Yoon-seo, and Oh Eui-shik.

The Law According to Lidia Po T

The Law According to LidiaPo tbuckles that trend by offering a series that mixes a David E. Kelley law procedural and something that resembles a Sofia Coppola-directed historical drama. It’s not often that Netflix offers viewers a procedural with a case-by-episode framework to its written dramas. With a soundtrack that features Florence and the Machine and a punk rock theme song, as well as an outstanding lead performance from Matilda De Angelis as the title girl, it forcefully conveys its visceral rage at a patriarchal society.

The true story that the series is based on might be stylishly enhanced. Yet, it’s always entertaining to watch and never wavers from the arguments it’s trying to make about the unfair system that allowed men to succeed over women. It also doesn’t hesitate to constantly portray sexuality as horny. Here’s hope we get more since the blend of clever mystery fiction, social critique, and romance is truly fantastic.

Turin, late 1800s. OFFICIAL PREMISE. Lidia Po ggio is no longer permitted to practise law because of a decision made by the Turin Court of Appeals that deems her membership in the bar organisation to be illegal. While putting up an appeal to overturn the court decision, Lidia, who is penniless but full of pride, finds a position at her brother Enrico’s legal practise.

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Lidia helps criminal suspects by looking for the truth underneath external manifestations and preconceived notions in a method that is ahead of its time. Jacopo, Lidia’s mystery journalist brother-in-law, gives her information and introduces her to the shadowy realms that exist beneath the colourful Turin. The show is a light procedural drama that adapts the real-life experiences of Italy’s first female lawyer, Lidia Pot.

CAST: Dario Aita, Sin ad Thornhill, Sara Lazzaro, Eduardo Scarpetta, Matilda De Angelis, and Pier Luigi Pasino


With Brett Goldstein, Ted Lasso’s very own Roy Kent, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segal serving as co-creators, Apple TV’s Shrinking employs all the clichés and cliches you’d expect from a lighthearted single-camera comedy series, but coming from the stable of Lawrence, whose work also includes Scrubs, it works wonders and then some.

It also gives Segal his greatest work since How I Met Your Mother and a fantastically humorous and cranky scene-stealing turn by Harrison Ford that might be among his best performances in recent years. The humour is both gentle and caustic, warm-hearted and emotionally perceptive.

Shrinking centres on a bereaved therapist who begins to defy convention and tell his patients what he really feels. He finds himself making significant, upsetting changes to people’s lives, including his own, while disregarding his training and principles.

Cast:Christa Miller, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie, Jason Segal, Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, and Lukita Maxwell

Happy Valley Season 3

After seven years, viewers eagerly anticipated the return of Sally Wainwright’s brilliant British drama, and amazingly, the wait was well worth it. Wainwright’s dark and uncompromising British crime drama, which is still one of the best shows airing anywhere in the world right now, brought us back to the world of Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) and Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) as if it had never left our screens. Its ongoing plot strands held us in a vice, but the subtleties of its character moments proved to be just as compulsive. It’s the ideal combo, and viewers can’t wait for the show’s impending finale, which hasn’t yet aired at the time of writing.

The third and last season of Sarah Lancashire’s multi-BAFTA award-winning Happy Valley, which stars as Sergeant Catherine Cawood, will air on the BBC. In a drained reservoir, Catherine finds the remains of a gangland murder victim. Her discovery sets off a series of events that take her right back to Tommy Lee Royce [James Norton]. Since Ryan [Rhys Connah], her sixteen-year-old grandson, has his own opinions about the type of connection he wants to have with the man Catherine refuses to accept as his father, Clare [Siobhan Finneran], Catherine’s sister, finds herself in the centre of the conflict.

Siobhan Finneran, Charlie Murphy, James Norton, and Rhys Connah are among the cast members.

The Last of Us

Although video game adaptations have a historically bad track record, The Last of Us’s HBO affiliation and Craig Mazin’s appointment as showrunner of the Chernobyl television series felt like a declaration of purpose that this was going to aim high.

Some may draw comparisons to The Walking Dead, but this is a gripping and exquisitely created post-apocalyptic thriller that is superbly anchored to character and plot specifics.

The writing by Mazin and the co-creator of the game, Neil Druckmann, elevates the already excellent performances from Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal and the astounding production elements.

Its themes are further fueled by a smorgasbord of post-9/11, post-Trump, and pandemic-related paranoias, and thanks to an astonishing first episode and a profoundly unnerving prologue, it has already established itself as a spine-tingling masterpiece.

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The Last of Us takes place 20 years after the destruction of contemporary civilisation. A seasoned survivor named Joel is paid to transport a 14-year-old girl named Ellie out of a stifling quarantine zone. As they both have to travel across the United States and rely on one another for survival, what begins as a simple job quickly turns into a terrible and painful trip.

Cast includes Graham Greene, Elaine Miles, Murray Bartlett, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Nico Parker, Melanie Lynskey, Storm Reid, Merle Dandridge, Jeffrey Pierce, Lamar Johnson, Keivonn Woodard, and Nick Offerman.

The Greatest and Highest Rated TV Programs of 2023 are now complete. What has been your favourite TV show in 2023 so far? Please leave a comment below.

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