After Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna’s Violent Altercation, Rob Kardashian Began “dating” Her

Days after coming to an agreement in her lawsuit for revenge porn against Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna appears to be taking a shot at the Kardashians in her newest music video.
Eight days after Chyna’s lawyer claimed the 67-year-old matriarch Kris Jenner was attempting to “financially ruin” her after she lost her defamation case against the family in April, the reality star and model, 34, released a new rap song this week called Can’t See Me.

Chyna Plays a Strip Club Owner in The Film, and She Looks Stunning in Skimpy Outfits.

In the video, Chyna performs the role of a strip club proprietor while lip-syncing dialogue from the 1974 Issac Hayes blaxploitation film Truck Turner.

Blac Chyna takes apparent swipe at the Kardashians in new music video

She instructs staff to come outside and shake their asses properly when she calls since she has essential business to attend to outside of her current legal troubles.
Additionally, she rhymes, “Since you can’t f**k with me that’s incest, few commas on the check that’s no worry.”

Then the Star Asks, “have You Ever Been Paid?”

Then the star asks, “Have you ever been paid?” Have you received a millie to the face? – which appears to refer to the compensation her former fiancé Rob will pay her.
This comes eight days after reported Chyna and Rob had settled their legal dispute for cash at the last minute. Chyna had sued Rob, alleging that he had posted “revenge porn” of her online after their breakup.

Blac Chyna takes apparent swipe at the Kardashians in new music video

The precise sum that Rob, Chyna’s co-star in the reality series Rob and Chyna, and the father of her 5-year-old daughter Dream, agreed to pay Chyna hasn’t been made public and is likely to stay “secret.”
A jury trial, however, that was supposed to begin last week in Los Angeles Superior Court, is now avoided thanks to the settlement.

Candidates for The Jury Gathered Outside the Courtroom.

Chyna, Rob, and their attorneys were meant to be present for the process of choosing 12 men and women for a jury while potential jurors gathered outside the courtroom, but none of them did.
The former couple had instead struck a settlement, according to the clerk for Judge Gregory Alarcon.

Blac Chyna takes apparent swipe at the Kardashians in new music video

Chyna’s complaint against Rob for revenge pornography, which she filed almost five years ago, will be officially dismissed by Judge Alarcon during a hearing scheduled for August 12th.
Four days had passed since the judge rejected Rob’s motion, in which he claimed the two had already agreed to a settlement.

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Chyna Has Maintained that She Had Never Authorized Such a Contract.

Rob’s motion to enforce the settlement he said they had reached was refused by Judge Alarcon after hearing arguments from counsel for both sides.
She allegedly agreed to withdraw the revenge porn lawsuit as part of the settlement Rob claims he and Chyna negotiated in exchange for him getting her dropped from a separate, unconnected lawsuit launched against both of them by Pilot Jones, her old buddy, who claimed they wrongly outed him as gay.

Blac Chyna takes apparent swipe at the Kardashians in new music video

The deal Chyna denied signing, according to his attorney Eagan, was really reached through email by Lynne Ciani, Chyna’s attorney, on May 23.
And, he said, Rob upheld his end of the agreement by removing Chyna from the Jones case.

Ciani Stated that The Case Involving the Revenge Porn Hinges on Money.

“What X bucks would settle this,” she remarked. We wouldn’t be in this situation today if we had come up with a figure to agree upon.
A “negotiated resolution” was Eagan’s suggestion for the matter to be sent to a settlement judge.

Blac Chyna takes apparent swipe at the Kardashians in new music video

The parties do intend to resolve this dispute, he declared. He doesn’t want his daughter to read about a conflict between her parents involving sexually graphic photographs in five or ten years, according to Mr. Kardashian, who believed he and his wife had reached an understanding.
Ciani argued against Chyna, claiming that she wanted her daughter to understand that having naked images uploaded against her will was not acceptable.

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