Beloved Pets from Tv Shows Over the Years: Pictures

The top TV co-stars! In well-liked TV comedies and dramas, human actors frequently have the lead roles, but frequently it’s their four-legged friends who steal the show. Although Comet, the adorable golden retriever on Full House, became one of the most recognizable TV pets, he was by no means the only animal the stars of the sitcom dealt with on set.

As the eldest daughter of D.J. Tanner on the show, Candace Cameron Bure said to Today in December 2018, “I’m sure being on Full House and being around so many animals [contributed to my passion for them].” We included a chimpanzee, a donkey, a ferret, and so much more on the show, in addition to canines.

While the Tanner girls, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, played by Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, respectively, loved their cherished dog, the Fuller House revival saw the old canine replaced with a new puppy from the same bloodline. In the February 2016 pilot, Comet Jr.’s second kid, Max (Elias Harger), with the assistance of D.J., a veterinarian in the Netflix version, helped Comet deliver a litter of puppies. Max nearly pushed the family to adopt one of the dogs. Cosmo was ultimately brought home by the family. But following a surgical complication, the dog who played Cosmo passed away almost four years later.

Christmas Contest posted on Instagram

In December 2019, the actress who played in the Christmas Contest posted on Instagram, “Our beloved boy Cosmo is now running around in doggy heaven.” He must be playing with Comet right now, in my opinion. We are devastated by Cosmo’s death amid surgical complications because he was a founding member of Fuller House and has been with us from the beginning. The love bug will truly miss you.

Beloved Pets from Tv Shows Over the Years: Pictures

While the cast of Full House and Fuller House has since lamented the loss of their cherished television companion, many other show stars have been equally fond of their own animal co-stars. In order to portray Newton, Kate Sharma’s dog, Bridgerton hired a boisterous corgi named Austin.

What did Simone Ashley tell Entertainment Weekly?

In February 2022, Simone Ashley, who played Kate on the sexy regency hit, told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m pretty excellent with dogs, so he responded to me wonderfully.” He had a little attitude and did his own thing, but I like to think that while we were together, he listened to me. Newton used to roll on his back in the midst of the circle whenever we would execute a line run while he was present. He would then ask, “Hey, what’s up?” Very nice, I thought.

Beloved Pets from Tv Shows Over the Years: Pictures

There were pebbles on the driveway of one of the buildings where we filmed, she said. He’d be eating and passing stones while I was filming, even though I had him on a leash. While filming season 2 of the Netflix drama, The Sex Education star formed a unique attachment with the puppy, but her on-screen husband, Jonathan Bailey, did not share that sentiment.

Austin did an excellent, breathtaking job as Newton, but do you know what? The West End performer, best known for his role as Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, made lighthearted remarks to the magazine about their lack of chemistry. He simply enjoyed the sausage, which is fine, but what bothered me more was how I had to hold tiny bits of the sausage in my fingers in order to entice him to jump into my lap. … He certainly has big things ahead of him, so it’s fantastic I got to work with him, but our chemistry was lacking.

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