Celebs React to Roe v. Wade Decision: ‘a Disgusting Step Back’ Sophia Bush, Taylor Swift, and Others

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After Roe v. Wade was overturned, celebrities including Sophia Bush, Lea Thompson, Shonda Rhimes, and others began to speak out.
On June 24, the Supreme Court decided to overturn the precedent-setting decision that upheld a person’s constitutional right to an abortion by a 6-3 majority. The decision was made just over a month after a draught opinion that the Supreme Court had planned to release in May was leaked.
According to CNBC, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito stated in the opinion that the Constitution does not mention abortion and that no constitutional provision, including the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, implicitly protects the right to an abortion. “It is time to heed the Constitution and hand back the abortion debate to the people’s elected officials.”

People Will Still Have Abortions, According to Padma Lakshmi.

People will still undergo abortions, says Padma Lakshmi. Just because Roe v. Wade is overturned won’t make these practices stop. This will only make safe, legal abortions impossible. People who have the means to carry out their surgeries will still find ways to do so. But who in our neighborhood is most at risk? What options are still available to those people, who are mainly BIPOC? A crisis in public health is being sparked by this.

Sophia Bush, Taylor Swift and More Celebrities React to the Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade: ‘A Disgusting Step Back’

Every person should have the freedom to decide for themselves when the time is right to start a family or not, and on their own terms. We ought to all struggle to defend this freedom and dignity.

Glennon Doyle: “comfort to Every Person Who Is Fearful Right Now.”

“Comfort to every person who is currently experiencing fear,” said Glennon Doyle. I’m also frightened. It’s acceptable to be scared and vulnerable right now. Soon, the rage returns, and we start fighting hysterically. Pain comes first, followed by the mother f rising.
What a terrible day for this country said, Andy Cohen. No reproductive rights and everyone has a gun. Twisted, Twisted

Hillary Clinton: “The majority of Americans feel that choosing whether or not to have children is one of the most sacred decisions there is and that such decisions should be left to the discretion of the patient and their physician. As a step backward for women’s rights and human rights, today’s Supreme Court decision will live in infamy.

Sophia Bush, Taylor Swift and More Celebrities React to the Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade: ‘A Disgusting Step Back’

“I’m past disgusted with my country and its ongoing incapacity to protect one another’s rights and maintain their word,” said Keke Palmer. How are you turning things around? There are plenty of sensible things to contradict. But this is what you went with?

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Michelle Obama: “today I Am Inconsolable.

Michelle Obama: “Today I am inconsolable. I am devastated for the individuals who recently lost the fundamental right to make knowledgeable decisions on their own bodies throughout this nation. I am devastated by the possibility that we will soon have to repeat the difficult lessons from the period before Roe became a national precedent when women risked their lives to obtain illegal abortions.

At a time when women’s reproductive rights were denied to them, they were coerced into having unwanted pregnancies, and they were abandoned once their children were born. That’s what our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers experienced, and now we’re experiencing it once more. Despite how challenging this time is, our tale does not finish here. Although it might not seem like it right now, we can still make progress. We must, too.

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