Chris D’elia Weds Kristin Taylor Following Allegations of Misconduct

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This past weekend, despite accusations of sexual misconduct against him, comedian Chris D’Elia wed his longtime partner Kristin Taylor. Among other things, D’Elia has been charged with exposing himself to ladies and attempting to set up sex with young girls. Taylor stood with him throughout the entire affair, and it appears that they are now engaged.

Taylor Uploaded Pictures to Instagram from Her Wedding to D’elia.

Taylor revealed the wedding was on Saturday by sharing pictures from it on Instagram. The photographs, according to a US Weekly story, were taken at the Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara, California. Taylor’s post’s caption read: “6.18.22. D’Elia’s for all time “She’s implying that she’ll adopt her husband’s name.

Chris D'Elia Marries Girlfriend Kristin Taylor

Additionally, she reposted a number of images from attendees on her Instagram Story, displaying candid shots from the gathering. Both their dog Cooper, who was dressed in a tuxedo, and the couple’s 2-year-old kid Cal were present.

In 2018, D’elia and Taylor First Declared Their Relationship as “Instagram Official.”

When D’Elia and Taylor first declared their love on Instagram in 2018, they lived relatively secluded lives even before any issues surfaced. They allegedly got engaged in 2019, and in June of 2020, D’Elia’s accusers made their accusations public. A thorough exposé of the 42-year-old comic was published by The Los Angeles Times.

The report purportedly included screenshots of text messages D’Elia exchanged with minors as young as 16 at the time of their contact. In one instance, a lady alleged that D’Elia had coerced her into providing him nude images while she was only 18 years old and that he then attempted to use those photos as leverage to compel her to fly across the continent to have intercourse with him. Another lady asserted that she was assigned to adjust the air conditioner in D’Elia’s hotel room and that he made out with her before pleading with her to return to the room later.

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D’elia at The Moment Made an Odd Statement to Tmz.

At the time, D’Elia made an intriguing statement to TMZ. He appeared to admit that he had some questionable experiences when working as a traveling comedian, but he refuted the specific accusations. He firmly denied pursuing minors as well. He acknowledged that during his career, he had said and done some things that would have upset some people, but he insisted that he had never intentionally pursued any minors.

Chris D'Elia Marries Girlfriend Kristin Taylor

I was a stupid guy who ABSOLUTELY allowed myself to be caught up in my lifestyle, he said. “My fault, really. I own it. I’ve been considering this for a while, and I swear I’ll keep doing better.”

In a later YouTube video, D’Elia went into more detail about who he was. He persisted in denying a lot of the details of the accusations made against him, but he did admit that he had been disloyal to Taylor. He made a passing reference to sex addiction and promised to “work on that.”

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