Crypto Startup Moon Pay Introduced NFT Platform  with Universal and Fox

The creation of a brand-new NFT platform named “HyperMint” was announced by the cryptocurrency firm MoonPay on Tuesday, July 21. They will be working with Universal Group, Fox Corporation, and Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records.

Universal Pictures, Fox Corporation, and Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records are partners with the #NFT platform MoonPay. The parties will introduce the HyperMint #NFT marketplace collectively.

21st June 2022, Alt Crypto Gems (@AltCryptoGems)

You Can Mint NFTs With HyperMint In Lightning Speed

HyperMint’s quick NFT minting procedure is one of its most novel characteristics. The platform says that it can produce millions of NFTs in a single day. Tasks that used to take weeks or even months to complete are purportedly now completed in a matter of hours. Large corporations with huge inventories may find the potent technology to be very advantageous.

crypto startup MoonPay introduced NFT platform  with Universal and Fox

The official launch of HyperMint will be announced today in New York at the NFT.NYCconference by MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright. “NFTs have utility beyond only collecting, which is their promise. We chose to concentrate on this new product offering since you can virtually encode anything into these NFTs over time, the MoonPay CEO gushed.

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MoonPay Wants to Give Crypto a Wide Audience

The new business was created in 2018, and it already has a sizable clientele. For instance, MoonPay provided development assistance for OpenSea and sold software to By collaborating with such well-known brands, MoonPay has been able to increase public awareness of cryptocurrencies. Soto-Wright also has a vision for the combination of tokenized equities, art NFTs, and digital fashion, which would essentially create an all-in-one NFT platform with a wider range of services and products than OpenSea, the top NFT marketplace as of now.

Celebrities Entering the NFT Game in Large Numbers

Crypto Startup Moon Pay Introduced Nft Platform  with Universal and Fox

The NFT.NYC conference is this week, and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding it. Many American celebrities have already gotten on board. Investors like Gwyneth Paltrow, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, and Ashton Kutcher have all embraced Web 3.0 as evidence of this. In fact, many of them have already used their newly acquired NFTs in their lines of work. For example, Seth Green intends to employ his Bored Ape in his future TV program, and Snoop recently announced the launch of a Los Angeles dessert shop with a Bored Ape motif.

The CEO of MoonPay discusses the extremely competitive market

Crypto Startup Moon Pay Introduced Nft Platform  with Universal and Fox

Even if Bitcoin (BTC) is now beginning to recover after many weeks in the red, many cryptocurrency aficionados are still in shock at the sharp price drop. Ivan Soto-Wright, on the other hand, reassures people that the downward phase is quite normal and can even be used to lay the groundwork for a stronger, more resilient blockchain world: “I think it makes logical that we’re going to go through phases of price discovery and irrational exuberance. People ultimately begin to question the worth of things, which is why I believe it is crucial to get past thinking of NFTs as collectors and instead focus on their ability to be programmed with utility.

MoonPay has teamed with large entertainment brands to create new collections because it believes that NFTs have potential despite the crypto winter.

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