Despite her unpleasant altercation with her ex, teen mom Amber Portwood makes a rare public appearance in a new photo with co-star Jade Cline

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Amber Portwood, the TEEN Mama Master, and Jade Klein, her MTV co-star, had a terrific time in a rare public setting.
Stars in real life are hidden because of legal and mental health difficulties.
Jade, 25, just posted a lovely image of himself and Amber, 32, standing side by side.
Where the photograph was shot is unknown, although it appears that there are further travelers in the background.
Amber sports an off-shoulder shirt and sunglasses to frame her lips, while Jade smiles softly and wears his hair in a loose wave. Crumpled.

The Caption Reads

Evidently, Jade and Amber are pals. I read the thread’s opening sentence.
It makes sense, one especially harsh commenter wrote. I adore trash bins.
Others were surprised to see the amber and remained silent.

Unknown Location

Oh my God, Amber is not at COUCH. She needs to quit pressuring. Someone posted.
Another remark was, “Can you picture coming across wild amber?”
Some think their proximity to one another plays a big part in their bond. To be, at least.
One user said, “I assume they reside a little closer to one other. They probably made friends at a family gathering.”

Teen Mom Amber Portwood makes rare public outing in new pic with costar Jade Cline amid her nasty fight with ex

Jade resides in Indianapolis, as well.
Amber is an Anderson local. Approximately one hour apart.
Amber’s humorous moment occurs as she learns a startling truth about her ex-Andrew. In an exclusive court document that was obtained by

Debt Problems

Her former boyfriend, The Sun, is unemployed. James, their three-year-old son, also blamed his father, saying he was not providing for his son and that he was choosing to stay unemployed.
She said that the father resides in her home throughout the couple’s contentious custody dispute. Taking into account, she has lived on more than $ 80,000 since July 2019.
She also got a notification of disconnect at home. He stated that to keep the utility running, he had to spend $3,600.

Since Amber and Andrew separated in 2019 following an arrest on accusations of domestic violence, she has been renting.
As part of the Teen Mom series, she left her job at Viacom in 2019 and MTV Star referred to her as being “voluntarily jobless” in a recent filing. Calling from me In the

Amber claimed in a document that she was James’ main source of funding.
MTV actress claimed that she supported the children of the parties financially to the extent that she wanted to be able to charge her son tax.

Cash Drain

Due to Amber’s imprisonment in Indiana following her arrest for domestic violence, Andrew has $38 000 in a joint bank account.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood makes rare public outing in new pic with costar Jade Cline amid her nasty fight with ex

I was honest and said I was out. When Amber was in Indiana prison after being arrested for domestic violence on July 5, 2019, Andrew revealed that he had transferred money from their shared bank account to a specific person in the voice of his testimony during the nasty ex-managing dispute exclusively collected by the Sun.

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The Question Amber’s Attorney Posed to Andrew During the Mutual Examination Was:

Yes, I did tell Amber that I was doing that, Andrew answered in response to the lawyer’s increased prodding, and the lawyer added: “Correct.”
Before the attack, there was a strategy, according to one father. She wished to safeguard her.
Please respond to my question if you can. Amber was incarcerated when it was finished. Do you mean that? Correct, Andrew said.

Additionally, Andrew attested to the transfer of only papers obtained by Sun and provided as part of the discovery in court.
Her successful completion of the trials relating to the July 2019 arrest is the genuine star, as the sun already disclosed.

Amber’s prosecution was formally dropped on April 26, according to Indiana court records.

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