Johnny Depp May Have Received a Letter of Apology from Disney, According to Rumour

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Many Johnny Depp devotees believe that Disney apologised to the actor and offered him a lucrative contract for a new Pirates of the Caribbean film.
When Johnny Depp appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie as Jack Sparrow, he gained notoriety.
Sadly, Disney decided not to renew his contract, so his time on the show came to an end. Fans are hopeful that he will return to the role in the near future.

Johnny Depp May Have Received a Letter of Apology from Disney, According to Rumour.

The day after Disney sent an apology letter and a $301 million offer to Johnny Depp to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, many people began to believe that Johnny would be returning.
There was a Poptopic article that sparked it all. In the article, it was claimed that a Disney insider had revealed that a return for Johnny Depp was being discussed for the film. In addition, the insider claimed that the offer suggested that a portion of the money would be donated to Johnny’s favourite charitable cause.


Reports claim that Disney has struck a deal to bring him back for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and a series about his early life on Disney+. But Disney hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, so it’s still just a rumour for now.

Who Knows What Johnny Depp Has to Say About Returning in The Role of Jack Sparrow

He stated that he would not reprise his role as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 during the defamation case. While Johnny was being cross-examined in the case of defamation, the question was raised as to whether or not he would return to the role if paid $300 million.
Johnny, however, was adamant that he would not. According to the actor, Disney dropped him shortly after Amber’s op-ed came out because of the MeToo movement. At that point, Johnny claimed that Disney no longer wanted any ties with him.

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Updated Defamation Case Information

Days after Judge Penney Azcarate issued a judgement order in the case of defamation, there are rumours of an apology letter and an offer of compensation.

There, it was revealed that if Amber decided to appeal, she would be required to post a bond equal to the $8.35 million that the jury awarded Depp, plus an additional $621k.

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