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The lead-in Kelly Blatz’s motorcycle racing movie “One Fast Move” will be played by Riverdale’s KJ Apa.

I’m going to make this up to you,” he promised, before promising to correct his error. I’m going to pay close attention to these two men right now and get ’em right. Love you all.

On June 18, as the “Man of the Woods” singer was performing at the Something in the Water Festival, a video of him dancing in Washington, D.C. went viral.

D.C., Beat Ya Feet! Timberlake Yelled in The Video.

In the video, Timberlake exclaimed, “D.C., beat ya feet!” to the crowd before launching into the region’s signature dance move of the same name. The step pattern, which gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s, often consists of a series of three-step movements followed by a bounce.

However, instead of displaying his graceful moves, the former Mouseketeer was mocked for his odd routine, which closely resembled the hokey pokey.

Kendall's Single, JT's Dance Apology & Kim Gets Trolled

While retweeting the awkward video, one Twitter user said, “Justin Timberlake completing his transition into Mr. Schuster from Glee.”

Justin Timberlake Appears to Be Trying to Hold a Dance-Off in The Hallway Like a Vice Principal.

A different Twitter user made fun of Justin Timberlake, writing, “Justin Timberlake seems like a Vice Principle attempting to have a dance-off on the hallway with his kids talking about ‘what you know about this.'”

By posting some TikTok videos of Timberlake’s fans impersonating him and his botched performance, the “Rock Your Body” singer gave himself a little more self-aware humor on Wednesday.

“Nailed it,” the native of Tennessee remarked next to a video of TikToker @corey obrien recreating the trending moment. The fan even wore the same khakis and sneakers.

The former ‘NSync member’s accident occurred on Father’s Day weekend, which Timberlake celebrated by making a heartfelt reference to his wife Jessica Biel’s two children.

The “Bye Bye Bye” singer gushed through Instagram on Sunday, June 19, offering a glimpse of Silas, 7, and Phineas, 23, playing the piano. She called them “my two favorite melodies.” All the fathers out there, have a happy Father’s Day!

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Prior to A Month, 40-Year-Old Biel Said that Their Two Youngsters Were Rapidly Imitating Their Father.

Silas is interested in “orchestras and symphonies and movie scores,” with a little touch of electronic dance music (EDM), the Sinner actress revealed during a May visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her oldest child “wants to be a DJ,” she said.

Kendall's Single, JT's Dance Apology & Kim Gets Trolled

In contrast, Phineas, according to the 7th Heaven alum, “is the one who has the guitar backward, jamming, drumming… he won’t put these instruments down.” Although they are distinct, she continued, “I see musical talent in both of them.”

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