Suspect For Killing 3 People And Injuring Other 3 Is Now In Custody


Kevin Parkourana, 31 Years Old Was In Custody After Killing 3 People And Injuring 3 Others. He Allegedly Stabbed And Carjacked One Of His Victims That Was Left In Life-Threatening Condition. Motive Is Unknown And Still Under Investigation.


killing spree
Suspect For Killing 3 People And Injuring Other 3 Is Now In Custody (Photo: NBC Bay Area)


3 Killed 3 Injured After A Man Went Haywire.

A killing spree on Thursday left 3 people dead and 3 injured. The suspect Kevin Parkourana was in police custody after fleeing and running over 3 pedestrian which killed two of them. The spree started at 3:11pm when Parkourana allegedly stabbed and carjacked victims’ car that suffered life-threatening injuries. And drove victim’s cars to a shopping center and allegedly stole another car, he then fled and run over a pedestrian in a parking lot, he was the spotted in an intersection where he was seen intentionally ram over 2 other pedestrian and killing both of them.


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At 4:30pm the final incident was reported where a stabbing incident transpired at a shopping center parking lot. The suspect allegedly fled the Milpitas and was found in a nearby neighborhood. Motive is unknown and whether or not the suspect knew his victims.


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