The Health of Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler: Relapsing Due to “Pain” Following Surgery, He Is Currently in Rehab

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Following a “relapse,” Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH was recently readmitted to treatment. The celebrity’s most recent relapse is connected to pain management following foot surgery.

At the end of last month, the 74-year-band old’s Aerosmith posted on their social media about how they had to stop working as a result of his admission to rehab. Steven Tyler has gone to rehab on multiple occasions throughout the years. He first checked in during the height of his fame in the 1980s, had a relapse in the early 2000s, and then checked in once more in early 2009, again after abusing prescription medicines following foot surgery.

On their official Instagram account, the musician’s band wrote: “As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked on his sobriety for many years.

In order to focus on his health and recovery

He recently relapsed and willingly entered a treatment programme. He had a foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the need for pain management during the procedure.

The Health of Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler: Relapsing Due to "pain" Following Surgery, He Is Currently in Rehab

Additionally, the group disclosed that they would be postponing their residence dates for the months of June and July but plan to resume them in September 2022. Tyler has spoken out over the years about the causes of his addictions and the work he has done to beat them.

Steven Tyler stated: “It was more or less the thing to do” when discussing his substance misuse with GQ in 2019. “I don’t think any musicians even understood what sober was,” It certainly functions for a time. But then something goes wrong,” he continued. “You get addicted to it, you do it all the time, and all of a sudden it begins affecting your greatness.”

After finishing his rehab in 2009

He claims to have maintained his sobriety. He also stated in 2019 during an interview with GQ that he was still participating in the 12-step programme. Alcoholics Anonymous created the 12-step programme to aid those who were struggling with compulsive behaviours, substance addictions, and behavioural difficulties.

The first step is to recognise your helplessness in the face of the problems and to be honest with yourself about where you are. Other actions include humility, willingness, and acceptance.

“I can go to Afghanistan or Japan and attend a meeting where there are a lot of alcoholics and drug users just like me. Only no one is high. And the information they provide is incredible, believe me. They may not be under the influence, but they are still insane, Tyler remarked.

Dependency and addiction have some subtle differences. Substance abusers are those who, in spite of the negative effects, continue to use the substance obsessively. People who have a dependency don’t always need to be addicted; instead, they just need to have a high tolerance for the substance in question and experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it.

There are numerous treatments for persons with addiction issues offered through the NHS. The initial line of treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy. This type of talking therapy aids in seeing how your thoughts contribute to specific behaviours and working to change them.

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